The Loyalty Partners

Are you looking for a growth strategy that makes sense in tough economic times?

It costs far less to retain the clients you already have than to get new ones… The Loyalty Partners can help you with retention!

Only 20% of American businesses have been able to sustain even 5% sales growth in the last 10 years. Are you one of those businesses?

The secret to sustaining profitable sales growth is improving customer or client loyalty.

Loyal customers or promoters:

  • Buy more goods from you
  • Buy at a higher margin
  • Complain less
  • Give you a chance to fix problems

Less loyal customers or detractors:

  • Buy only when they have to
  • Usually must be induced to buy
  • Quit at a drop of a hat
  • Love to tell others about your faults

You need more promoters and fewer detractors. Read about our Process to learn more.

Jim Rohrer,
The Loyalty Partners